Finding the right place for you

By Hannah Katz

As many graduate students start to interview for internship, others are getting ready to apply for practicum sites, and then there are undergraduate students applying for graduate school or starting to search for schools to apply to next year. With all of these there is a lot that goes into applying. One must think about what they want to get out of the experience. The best advice I was given is find the place that is the best match for you. Looking back at my graduate school experience and my practicum experiences I grew most from the sites that best matched my goals for graduate school. While I certainly learned from the experiences that didn’t match my goals, the experiences that best matched my goals pushed me to grow as a psychotherapist, to think outside the box, to become a better leader, and to leave that experience more developed.

So when you are looking at applying here are some things to keep in mind:

*Did you enjoy your interview/ visit at the school or site?
*Were there faculty or supervisors you felt like you could grow and learn from?
*Did you feel like you could be challenged?
*Does the school or site help you with your career goals?
*Could you see yourself in that site/ city for a year?
*Will the site build my confidence and create a leader in the field?

And most important, could you feel supported in your journey?

Thinking about all of these questions is important. But most important is staying true to yourself. Find what you are passionate about and express that passion. If you are still finding your passion explore as many things as possible.

Good luck to everyone as your approach your next step in your journey to become a psychologist.



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